November 10th Workshop in Deer Park

American Studio of Performing Arts

721 Acorn St. Deer Park:

First class 11:15am – 12:30pm
Posture,Walking and Musicality ( all levels)
We all struggle with the most important fundamentals of Tango. Learn how to find your best posture,finding your core, staying connected with your inside and project a solid and firm presence on the floor. Walk,walk,walk, different directions move wherever you want. Open your ears,your body must move harmoniously with the music. Discover the structure of tango music, the beat, changes of speed, enjoy the pauses, dance the silence.

Second class: 12:30 to 1:45pm
One stop 7 resolutions (inter)
From a “Parada” seven different ways to move on. Find a full connection with your feet (lead/follow). Learn to never anticipate. Lead like an octopus,your feet are your first pair of hands. Followers paint a complete rainbow with your expressive feet.(Slides,barridas,boleos,ganchos,sacadas,volcadas)

Workshops $20pp – $35pp for both workshops

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We are a group of dedicated dancers committed to the preservation of the traditional Argentine Tango. To this end we give weekly lessons, workshops and monthly Tango parties.

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